Nutritional Benefits of Cold Pressed Raw Milk

Milk with all its natural goodness locked in

Not just delicious: our milk is also highly nutritious. Naturally loaded with the goodness of calcium, potassium and protein that you expect from all milk, Made By Cow is also filled with milk's natural enzymes, healthy fats and vitamins B2 and B12.

Scientific literature reports that while high pressure is lethal to harmful bacterial cells, it does not impact smaller molecules such as vitamins and enzymes, many of which are destroyed by heat. Because Made By Cow milk is cold pressed under high pressure and is never heat treated, these smaller molecules remain intact...which means more goodness for you.

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What is the nutritional difference between raw milk and our Cold Pressed Raw Milk? The answer is…not much! We had our Cold Pressed Raw Milk independently tested by DTS Food Laboratories and compared the results to raw milk. We found that the nutritional profile of our milk is almost identical to raw milk; it’s as good as farm fresh!

Source: DTS Food Assurance. Testing completed 31/07/2017.

Source: DTS Food Assurance. Testing completed 31/07/2017.

A good source of calcium, vitamin B2 and B12.

A cup of Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk delivers a third of your calcium dietary intake and almost a half of your Vitamin B2 and B12 dietary intake. Cheers to that!

Calcium – 38% RDI*

Vitamin B2 – 52% RDI*

Vitamin B12 – 48% RDI*

*Recommended adult dietary intake, based on 250ml serve.

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Raw milk is filled with enzymes, and it was important for us to test the effects of high pressure on milk’s natural enzymes so that we could better understand the true benefits of our Cold Pressed Raw Milk. The University of Queensland selected four different enzymes known to be present in raw milk. Their independent research showed that cold high pressure has little impact on the natural enzymes in milk, whereas in some cases, the enzyme was depleted by heat. In other words, the enzymes in Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk remain intact, which is good news for you!

There is plenty more to learn in this area, but in the meantime, click below for a full overview of the work we have done to date.